SAAB Rosemount Marine introduced the world to radar level gauging in 1975, and they continue to be the world leader in level gauging innovation. SAAB ROSEMOUNT offers a range of products to cover every need at sea and ashore, and a worldwide service network that means we have you covered no matter where your business may take you.

The new Saab TankRadar STaR features a unique 3-in-1 solution for Level Gauging, High Level and Overfill Alarm. It features three integrated functions in one single unit, designed as independent galvanically separated and intrinsically safe measuring channels. As a result it is easy to install, maintain and operate.

Whether you are constructing a new vessel, or wanting to upgrade your existing vessel to the level of reliability, durability and accuracy that only a Saab TankRadar system can deliver, let us put over 25 years of Marine experience to work for you.

For further information, please submit an Inquiry Form and R.A. KIRBY SALES  will be happy to work with you to see your project succeed. You may also obtain more information by visiting the Saab Rosemount Marine Website.

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