SAAB ROSEMOUNT Tank Control is the market leading supplier of radar-based tank level gauging systems for industrial applications, having 85 percent of the high end tank gauging segment within the non-contact radar-based level gauge market according to Frost & Sullivan. More than 40,000 Saab TankRadar level gauges are in successful operation worldwide. Major chemical, petrochemical and oil companies on every continent use Saab's radar gauges.

Moreover, SAAB can boast an impressive list of certificates, both for custody transfer accuracy and electrical safety. In addition, Saab Tank Control's quality and environmental systems are fully certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

But perhaps, most important, SAAB has more than 20 years of proven customer satisfaction. They also have a global network of working partnerships in over 80 countries providing customers with quick and reliable service and start-up support.  Simply fill out an Inquiry Form and R.A. KIRBY SALES will be happy to work with you to see your project succeeds, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Saab Radar Technology Benefits

  • Non-contact measurement
  • High signal/noise ratio
  • Ultra-high reliability
  • High accuracy
  • No moving parts
  • Self-calibrating
  • Maintenance-free
  • Density, pressure and temperature independent

Custody Transfer Tank Gauging:

The Saab TankRadar® 2900 and 3900 Series have been designed for refineries, tank terminals and the petrochemical industry, with their tough requirements on highest custody transfer accuracy and reliability. The extensive range of Saab TankRadar gauges fits all types of tanks. It is an accurate system for custody transfer, process control, inventory control or for filling a tank without risk of overflow.

  • The Seventh Generation REX Series Radar
  • Radar Level Gauges for Custody Transfer Accuracy (+ 0.5 mm)
  • No Recalibration or Maintenance
  • 60 Year MTBR
  • Emulation of Non-Saab Gauges
  • Inventory & Hybrid Calculations

High Demand Level Gauging

Saab TankRadar® Pro is the sixth generation of radar level gauges from the world's leading manufacturer of radar level gauging equipment. It is especially designed for the process industry with the market's most advanced signal processing.

Three basic Saab TankRadar® Pro versions - Lite, Standard, Gold - offer complete coverage of most level measuring applications. And of course you can get your own customized version for very special requirements. The choice has never been easier.

Your Saab TankRadar® Pro gauges can be equipped with different antennas to fulfill your specific requirements. The antenna is the only part exposed to the tank atmosphere.

To view or download an Engineering Questionnaire for Saab Radar Level Gauges, click either of the following links:

For further information, please submit an Inquiry Form and R.A. KIRBY SALES  will be happy to work with you to see your project succeed. You may also obtain more information by visiting the SAAB ROSEMOUNT Website.

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