MEECO provides a wide range of solutions for your Moisture Analyzer needs. Since 1948, MEECO has produced durable, high-quality gas analyzers for industry.

In 1987, it launched the world's first ppb moisture analyzer for ultra-pure electronic gases used in the semiconductor industry. It came to dominate the market. Thereafter, in early 1991, MEECO rolled out several new, state-of-the-art analyzers. These comprised the TURBO, for on-line, low ppb moisture monitoring; the L'EAU PRO, the world's first commercially available, low ppb moisture generator; and the ACCUPOINT, also a first. The ACCUPOINT, a transducer for industrial and natural gas, allows multi-point readings using an electrolytic sensor, a capability never before available.

By 1995, MEECO was ready with the TURBO 2, capable of detecting down to one ppb and lower, and the WATERBOY, an inexpensive easy-to-use, new portable for the natural and industrial gas industries.

In 1997, another product outpouring occurred with the advent of the TRACER, the first low-cost, modular ppb moisture analyzer, the NASTYBOY, an innovative design for moisture in chlorine, the ACCUPOINT LP, a transmitter for measuring moisture at low pressures, and the UHP SPRITE, a very simple, inexpensive go/no-go device for tracking moisture breakthroughs on the ultra-high-purity gas lines. Plus, MEECO became a distributor for a new line of oxygen analyzers, the O-BOY series.

Recently, MEECO introduced four new analyzers, including updated, microprocessor-driven versions of the WATERBOY, ACCUPOINT and ACCUPOINT LP. A fourth device, the ICEMAN, designed in collaboration with DuPont, measures moisture in Freon substi-tutes, a growing market. In 2000, the IceMan received the prestigious R&D 100 Award. Further, MEECO launched a line of percent humidity devices, the AQUATEK series, for demanding industrial environments.

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